Integrating Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise to Customer Relationship Management Systems

Posted by Gail Brandt on 07:40 AM, 18-Apr-14 • Comments (0)
Company CRM provides essential significance to agencies. However, without seamless integration to mail and calendaring systems, the CRMs value is never fully achieved. Most CRM vendors figure out this rather important incorporation and provide out-of-the-container inbound links to Microsoft Prospect. What about the users of other mail systems like Lotus Notes and GroupWise, even though that's great? They're commonly allowed to remain on their own personal where by most consumers try and sooner or later give up on the laborious chop-and-mixture path to switch records. This very easy inefficiency regularly will cause decreased CRM adoption rates and also in the worst case eventual scrapping on the CRM answer.
LinkPoint360 provides Groupwise simple and quick integration amongst Lotus Notes and GroupWise and a lot of the bigger CRM systems. Our resources eliminate the pasting and cutting and data solitude. Result - you achieve the genuine cost of your CRM expense with better end user adoption costs.
crm-online-strategy-5.jpgOur option is simple and easy pretty easy-to-use. History any web mail to the CRM for the whole crew to check out. Transport your entire contacts, calendar and tasks involving platforms - routinely. Quite often, the small points make big issues, particularly when great teams are involved.
Email address Incorporation - It's all about discussing the material. Allowing vital email kept in your very own mail box doesn't do your power team or enterprise anything good. With a few straightforward click throughs, those people critical communication will be moved to the proper area within the CRM for the whole workforce to see, share and act after.
Records Incorporation - Either Lotus Notices and GroupWise offer an remote option where buyers can perform off of-range and not using a system. Our sync tool moves your tasks, calendar and contacts on auto-pilot back and forth from the CRM on a consistent basis. Now, you'll employ a decision to submit some of this records in either your web mail buyer or even the CRM, understanding that the information will switch towards the other structure without having efforts or challenge.
That's the things we do - Our clients are specialized in Email / CRM integration. We currently have 16,000 activated members throughout the planet. We all know the facts of this email and CRM units and make them talk to one another. We blend Lotus Remarks and GroupWise with any one of these CRM items:, Microsoft CRM, SalesLogix, Crucial CRM, Sage CRM, NetSuite CRM and SugarCRM.
Next Step - Contact us and we'll arrange a short twenty minute webinar that will prove the simplicity and importance of email / CRM integration.
We have a procedure available. Considering that the Groupwise connector is certainly not on the market any further, this information is handy. First, groupwise migrated to 2003 and then migrate to Exchange 2007. You might migrate most of the Groupwise mailboxes into the Trade 2003 host being the initial period of this job after which carry out the more simple activity of going mailboxes to Trade 2007 host as being the ultimate place.
A couple of things to not forget. If you have already installed a pure Exchange 2007 oraganization, unfortunately you are out of luck. You can't set up an Trade 2003 server into the org to get it to figure. You can build a Exchange 2003 server first into the org, then add an Exchange 2007 server to the mix, if you haven't deployed any Exchange servers yet. This is going to provide user friendliness for the 03 Trade Technique Manager or ESM along with enhancing chance to the things.